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    A man in the grocery store line today approached me and said, “Sir, when I first saw you I was extremely attracted to you, but then I noticed that you are a boy. How… I mean, why do you dress so provocatively?”

    I responded, “Well, in today’s world the majority of the straight male race view women as objects, or something that belongs to them. I dress provocatively because it attracts the attention of men in a sexual and OBJECTIVE way. However, when realized that I am actually male, they often become confused, disgusted, upset or all of the above. By inflicting this minor emotional damaged upon the ego of a man raised by twisted societal gender norms, maybe, just maybe the individual will think twice before viewing another woman with an objective attitude and sense of belonging. No woman, belongs to ANYONE. Male or female, the equality of human beings needs to be a priority. It is something worth dressing up for.”

    I AM NOT KIDDING. The woman behind me, the female cashier, the old lady bagging groceries and the woman in front of me who was talking on the phone STOPPED, …. and proceeded to gasp and clap. The man shook my hand, told me to have a blessed day and then said, “excuse me ladies, I need to visit my daughter.”

    …. I was shaking by the time I walked out of the store.

    - Elliott Alexzander

    I REALLY love this person.

    Absolutely amazing 

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  2. Street in shinjuku


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    The Realistic Packaging Paintings of Yrjö Edelmann



    say what……..HOLY DAMN 

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    My dad is a retired Boatswain’s Mate in the U.S. Navy. He has right side hemiplegia, which is a paralysis of the right side of his body, expressive aphasia, and PTSD along with other injuries. His “physical therapy”, of sorts, are sports like archery (which is his favorite), recumbent, bowling, and shotput. This is him doing archery in the Wounded Warrior Pre-Game Pacific Trials this November.

    What I will never be able to get over is how he can do so much with all that has affected him. I don’t know when, but while he was deployed to the Philippines, he fell off a five-ton, and hit his head really hard. That caused a stroke while aboard the USS Tortuga in 2007, I guess a few years after he fell, when we were stationed in La Maddalena, Italy. He was sent to Balboa Hospital in San Diego, CA, in 2007 while My family and I went back to Japan, because they thought they could help my dad with what he needed and then send him back to finish his work in Japan. But he wasn’t able to, he got worse.

    For a year and a half, my brothers and I hadn’t seen our dad, phone calls and pictures were our only way of contact. Then, in the middle of 2008, we moved to San Diego. It was a huge culture shock because that was my first time in my life that I was stateside for good. I was overseas for 15 years, with only one memory of vacationing in the states. But anyways, we were stateside, finally with my dad. At first, things were alright, he had a limp so he needed a cane, but that was about it. But as the years went on, things got progressively worse, and he soon had to retire. In September 2010, my dad medically retired from the U.S. Navy after 20 years of service. And at that same time, we moved to my dad’s “permanent duty station” in San Antonio, Texas.

    It hard seeing my dad pretty much deteriorate before my eyes. Seizures, paralysis, infections and other things have affected him to the point where he pretty much has a hard time doing a lot of things he used to do himself. But the thing is, everyday, he’s still mentally strong, and is continuously supportive of me in my endeavors and of my family.

    He is now in this program called the Wounded Warrior Program. Not many people have heard of it, which is kind of sad, because there are so many disabled/injured vets that could really benefit from this program. The Wounded Warriors, in conjunction with Navy Safe Harbor, have helped my dad to accommodate his injuries and put his hidden skills, like archery, to good, competitive, all-around fun use.

    My dad has taught me so much, like what it means to serve, to give your life to your country, whether it be for selfish or altruistic reasons. My dad has inspired me to always stay strong, loyal, and true to myself and my country. And I can’t wait to follow in his footsteps.


    Stay strong, gambare!

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  8. Your dash has been signed by the Avengers and members of S.H.I.E.L.D



    Bruce Banner/Hulk


    Clint Barton/Hawkeye


    Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow


    Steve Rogers/Captain America


    Thor Odinson


    Tony Stark/Iron Man


    Agent Phil Coulson


    Loki Laufeyson


    Pepper Potts


    Nick Fury


    Maria Hill

    From this picture:

    The cast of the Avengers signed this card as if they were the characters :)

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    (I decided to publish the poem)

    Forgive me for I have sinned.

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    The Terracotta Daughters are deeply moving artworks musing on loss and lost womanhood. I first remember looking at them online, and they were undeniably haunting, unnerving in some way. Instead of seeing strong male soldiers in armor, I saw small quiet girls dressed in their school uniforms. Reading more about these sculptures, I discovered this was the work of multi-disciplinary French artist, Prune Nourry who wanted to document China’s missing daughters- the million or so abandoned, unborn, or aborted girls that never got a chance to live. After creating the Holy Daughters sculptures in India, depicting how holy cows were bought but then released when their milk dried-up, symbolizing the lost generation of girls in India, Nourry turned her sights on China.

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    Okay so last weekend I took the whole weekend for myself and personal projects, which I hadn’t done in sooo long because I’ve been so busy with work and now moving, but it was much needed. 

    I’m planning on doing a Teen Titans fancomic, it’ll be like my own reboot kind of???? but I also want the tumblr fandom to pitch in with their ideas and headcanons and we can bring them to life omdfg gsfgslk it’ll be so cute and fun and foomfg i’ll hopefully be making a sideblog for this soon so you can all submit ideas and stuff! so yeah these are some of the redesigns for the dream team! i’m just missing wally west which I haven’t drawn also have the leader here!


    tl;dr DC I don’t like your reboot teen titans so I’m making my own 


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    Which one will you choose ?

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    Hey everybody, I’m working on a small project concerning the four Hogwarts houses, and I’d appreciate your help,if you’re willing. Here’s how:

    • Please reblog this only if you are a Ravenclaw
    • only reblog once, or you’ll throw off the numbers
    • also, please do not heart, it’ll throw off the numbers too
    • any violations I find will be noted!
    • if you are a Gryffindor, please reblog this.
    • if you are a Hufflepuff, please reblog this.
    • if you are a Slytherin, please reblog this.

    Thank you all for your help!

    PS: If you’re not sure which house you’re in, pick one!

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    You’re welcome, George.

    Sorry for the reposts